What are the ages of dancers who attend?
Victory is open to all ages, kid through adult! (recommended 8 years and older).

How do I know which level to register for?

We offer the following as a guide only, placing more emphasis on years of experience vs. age. Use your best judgment and if you need to change levels, you may do so prior to the second class on the first day of the event, space permitting. 

  • Junior/Intermediate Level: Ages 8-13. Recommended for beginner and dancers with 3+ years experience. Includes a full weekend of classes (only 1 fewer class than Int/Adv levels).

  • Advanced Level: Ages 14 & up - Recommended for dancers with 6+ years of experience and high level of training.

  • Parent/Guardian add-on: Ages 21 & up only. No need to be bored while your child takes class. We are offering a handful of adult only classes which include the likes of yoga and cardio dance. 

Do you offer group discounts?

We make putting groups together simple for you and your company, and will reward you for doing so! Email us at victorydancecamp@gmail.com for details.

Can we add on additional dancers to an existing registration?
Of course! The more dancers, the bigger the dance party. Additional dancers may not be added if desired level is sold out.

Can an individual dancer register for Victory, or do you have to be with a group?
Individual dancers are always welcome and can register independently at anytime, even day of. 

Do you need a wristband to observe the classes?

YES. Any observer age 5 and older will need an Observers Pass to enter the facility during classtime. Observer wristbands are valid all weekend in any level room*. Discounted passes for children 5-12.

*Excludes audition classes.

What is the audition class?

A chance to show off your personality and all your hard work! The audition offered at Victory is designed to challenge your limits - dancers will learn choreography and perform it in small groups for a panel of our Faculty Choreographers. Dancers will wear a number for the chance to be selected for awards. This class will help you grow as a dancer by providing you an authentic audition process to test your potential in a real-life setting. You also have a chance to be selected for a variety of scholarships and prizes! 

Can I record the Showcase Performance and/or classes?
Groups may record their own performance at the Showcase only, but videotaping during classes is strictly prohibited.